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Уроки английского языка для детей

Фонетические истории на английском языке

Sir Skylight

By Mandy Ross

This is Sir Skylight, a shining white knight. He is brave in the daytime, but not at night. By the light of day, he fights wit all his might. But when nighttime comes, he flies home in fright. Sir Skylight's mum comes to tuck him up tight. "Sleep tight, son." "Night, night Mum." But he lies and sighs and cries all night. Then Sir Skylight has a bright idea...I'll be alright at night with these nice bright lights. And now, when the moon shines in the sky, he rides far and wide, with his head held high.

Zoot Scoot Boogie Woogie

By Mandy Ross

Hurly-burly, hurry and scurry, the animals are on the move.
Jake Snake and Wayne Whale take the train.
Peter Cheetah pushes Neil Seal in his green wheelbarrow.
Mike Tiger and Kyle Crocodile ride their sky-bike.
Joan Goat and Joel Mole go by rowing boat.
June Baboon and Sue Kangaroo use their Groovy Zoom Boots.
The animals Hurry and scurry. For today is the day they are going to play...in the Zoot Scoot Boogie Woogie Animal Band!

Baboon on the moon

By Mandy Ross

June the baboon wanted to go to the moon. First she tried a super duper moon scooter. But the scooter blew up with a boom! Next, June tried to swoop to the moon in a big blue balloon. But soon the balloon came down with a 'phoop'.

Then June the baboon got some Groovy Zoom Boots. She swooped and she looped, as she flew through the gloom. And June the baboon flew right to the moon.

The royal boil

By Payl Dowswell

Royal Princess Joyce had a loyal boyfriend called Floyd. Tomorrow would be their wedding day, and Joyce was overjoyed. Floyd was not a happy boy and the reason was quite simple. He had a boil upon his nose- it was much bigger that a pimple.

Said Floyd, "The guests are sure to point, they will probably avoid me. This boil will spoil my wedding day. It really does annoy me." So Floyd made an appointment to see the royal nurse, but her poisonous boil ointment just made the boil worse. Said Joyce, "Your only choice, dear Floyd, is to grit your teeth and pop it. Or else, dear boy, the wedding's off. So do it now…or hop it."

Megastar Mark

By Lucy Lyes

Marcus is a gardener. You may see him working in the park. He smartens up the flower beds and sweeps up all the bark. Yet after dark, he's Pop Star Mark, a famous superstar, with a tartan suit, a sparkling smile and a supercharged guitar.

Mark's army of fans scream with joy when they see their favourite star.

They charge at Mark and grab his arm as he gets into his car. No other artist tops the charts as often as Pop Star Mark. So remember that when you see him sweeping up leaves in the park.

The hairy bear scare

By Clive Gifford

When Clare came down the stairs she had a nasty scare. For wherever she looked there were bears, bears, bears! There were bears on the sofa and bears on the chairs. There were bears in the cupboard underneath the stairs. Clare stared at the bears. The bears stared at Clare. Clare's bear bared his teeth and glared. "How dare you?" he growled. "This is MY lair!" So off they ran those scared hairy bears.

Dinosaur at the door

By Naomi Adlington

One morning, George heard a knock at the door, and there on the doorstep he saw a huge dinosaur. It held out its paw and said, "Hi, my name is Jaws! I'm awfully bored- will you play with me outdoors?" Poor George picked himself slowly off the floor. He had only seen dinosaurs in stories before. George paused, then he looked at the dinosaur's claws. "You can play on our lawn…but I'm staying indoors!"

The surfing herd

By Clive Gifford

What's that out there? Oh, my word! I can see a surfing herd! They curve and swerve in the swirling surf. They are so expert that they never get hurt. Watch how they turn with a whoosh and a whirl, riding the waves as they surge through the swirl. You won't find this herd grazing on turf. These cool cows were born to surf.

Bella's bedspread

By Mandy Ross

Bella had a secret treasure. It was a magic feather bedspread flew steadily whatever the weather. Heather Deadwood lived next door to Bella. She was dreadfully jealous of Bella's magic bedspread. One morning, as Bella got her breakfast ready, Heather crept into Bella's house. Heather leapt onto Bella's bed.

"Get ready bedspread, GO!" she said. Heather wanted to have a pleasant ride, but instead… Heather was soon breathless and dizzy. Which just goes to show that jealousy can be very bed for your health.

Christine's knitted knickers

By Mandy Ross

Christine found some balls of lambswool. They were khaki, white and red. "If I knew how to knit, I could knit some knickers," she said. So she and a friend went to Knitting School, to find out what to do. Geoff soon knitted a wooly scarf in stitches of red and blue.

"Crumbs- I'm all thumbs and my knitting's in a knot," said Christine getting cross.

Though she soon learned just how to knit with help from Mrs Moss. The finished knickers were rather wrinkled, and the stitches itched a lot. But they were great for keeping Christine's teapot nice and hot.

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