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A Pet Dinosaur

by Pauline Cartwright

Wouldn't it be fantastic
to have a dinosaur for a pet!
Imagine a pet dinosaur that lived
at my house and belonged to me.
A pet dinosaur would be wonderful fun.
But is there a shop that could sell me one?

I wouldn't have to worry
about taking it for a walk.
It would take me for walks instead.
We could get around the town
in no time at all!

Wouldn't a dinosaur be a great for helping
me building a tree house!
I could get higher that anyone else,
and my pet would pass up the materials.
It would be like having my own private crane.

I'd always have a hiding place
when we played hide-and-seek.
I could hide behind one leg
and then another and then another.
No one would find me.

When my parents went out
no one would dare
come through the doorway.

I wouldn't miss out on seeing a thing
when there was a parade in town.
I'd have the best possible view -
and money for another ice-cream if I hired
out the extra space.

What fun to go swimming with a dinosaur!
While he stood in the deep water, my friends
and I could use his back for a slide
and his head for a periscope.

Pets sometimes help to rescue people.
My pet and I would become the most
famous rescue team of all!
He could be a bridge if there was a flood.
He could be taller then a ladder
if there was a fire.

But where would he sleep?
I don't think Mum and Dad
would like the flowers
and the fences squashed flat.

I'd have to spend all my pocket money
providing food supplies.

A pet dinosaur would be wonderful fun!
But I can't find a shop that can sell me one.
It might be better to get a…
pterodactyl instead!

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